In Search Of The Zodiac Killer

Continuing The Search For America's Most Elusive Serial Killer.


(1). On January 1st 1968, Arthur Leigh Allen had a conversation with friend Don Cheney during which he made several incriminating statements that  demonstrated his willingness to commit murder. According to Cheney, Allen told him that "it would be fun to hunt humans like you would an animal." He further stated that "he got the idea from the book "The Most Dangerous Game" in which the main character is stranded on an island and hunted down like an animal. 

He also described in detail   how  a flashlight could be attached to the barrel of a gun when trying to shoot someone in the dark. The Zodiac made this claim in one of his letters to the press. He also stated that"he would go on a killing rampage using the pseudonym "Zodiac" to identify himself." He also said that "he would write taunting letters to the Police daring them to catch him." As the conversation continued, he also described how "he would chase women who were driving alone at night in rural areas."

He further stated that "once he caught up to the woman, he would tell her that there was something wrong with her tire,  then offer to fix it. But instead of fixing it, he would loosen the lug nuts so that the tire would fall off, then he would take the woman captive." This is exactly what the Zodiac attempted to do to Kathleen John's, but she managed to escape. 

Surviving victims of Zodiac attacks described him as big and heavy. Arthur Allen was six feet tall and weighed 250 pounds. 

The shoe print that detectives found at Lake Berryessa crime scene was ten and a half wing walker. Arthur Allen's shoe size was ten and a half. 

Mike Mageau, the surviving victim of the Blue Rock Springs attack on July, 4, 1969 picked Arthur Allen out of a photo line up saying to Detective George Bawart "thats the man who shot me."